An easier way to buy a car

Potential car buyers can make more informed choices by going online and visiting websites such as Carsome and Autoworld
Buying a car can be stressful. Decisions are required on the make and the price. Then there are the visits to the showroom and discussions with dealers on specifications.

Today, the process has been vastly simplified. One can make a good guess which car is best for oneself from online reviews. Prices are also available on the internet so the buyer can make comparisons of cars in the same class. You can even find out which banks offer the best loan rates. In short, most things can be done in the comfort of home, and it is practically hassle-free.

In the old days, a potential buyer had to walk into numerous car showrooms to find something suitable. He had to talk to the sales representative to learn the specifications of each make and model.

Today, consumers can make more informed choices with just a click of the mouse. Reviews by experts are aplenty on the internet. One can even draw comparisons from the choices listed. Quotations are provided if cost is a factor.

Needless to say, buying cars online makes the whole process a lot easier and more pleasant. One website that connects buyer with dealer is Carsome (, which touts itself as a platform to ease the whole process by getting the best price for the car of your choice.

“The process of buying a car includes negotiating with the dealer on everything from add-ons to price,” Carsome co-founder Eric Cheng points out.

“At Carsome, a buyer can state his choice of make and model and he gets a list of offers available. This is time-saving and hassle-free,” Cheng points out.

Of course, the final process of paying and getting delivery of the car still happens offline, but most people now go online to scour for information and ferret out the best deals.

“Users come to our platform to compare offers and buy directly from certified dealers registered with us, thus avoiding the arduous but otherwise necessary requirement to haggle over price,” Cheng tells Focusweek.

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