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The business of staying young
The anti-ageing industry appeals to both the older generation and millennials who want a head start in maintaining their youth.

A day with an ethical hacker
Hackers are bad news in general but Fong Choong Fook is one of the good ones who does this for a living.
Digitally transforming businesses
Companies considering making the leap early as first adopters of digital transformation are likely to reap more benefits.
A standout among motorcycles
The bike of the future may not be able to drive itself but it can stand on its own two wheels, literally.

Telling the Langkawi story
Karina Bahrin discovers fascinating stories of the island folk when she participates in a community initiative.
Irate ex-PM locks up Bole-Bole PM’s Office
A former premier, tired of having his well-meaning advice go unheeded by the government, decides to wreak havoc by locking up the central building of Bole-Bole’s administration.
Raising our game
What is standing between Malaysia and the high-income country status we so covet? Our productivity.

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