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Training for a better future
The manufacturing sector offers youths without tertiary education plenty of job opportunities.

Lifelong focus on healthcare
Dr Nor Ashikin Mokhtar uses science and medicine to treat age-related disorders.
Keeping up the momentum
Cyberjaya is introducing several innovations to help its residents embrace smart living.
Digitising loose change
A start-up is revolutionising the way we save spare change – by turning them into a digital format.

Telling the Langkawi story
Karina Bahrin discovers fascinating stories of the island folk when she participates in a community initiative.
Irate ex-PM locks up Bole-Bole PM’s Office
A former premier, tired of having his well-meaning advice go unheeded by the government, decides to wreak havoc by locking up the central building of Bole-Bole’s administration.
Unequal earnings
The income gap is rising, and it is particularly apparent between Klang Valley and the rest of Malaysia.

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