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Office losers: Odds against women in the workplace
16 Oct 2014
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Green initiatives inspire money-making ventures
16 Oct 2014
Sometimes, the best of ideas don’t work out according to plan. Such was the case for a project to integrate long-term environmental lifestyle practices into an urban community.

The cause of academic decline
16 Oct 2014
Dr Chow Yong Neng thinks it’s time Malaysians stop obsessing over exam results and recognise the importance of experience, exposure and achievements over paper qualifications.

Langkawi’s locals risk losing all
16 Oct 2014
Karina Bahrin worries that despite changes in the island, little is being done to ensure that the local islanders are equipped and educated to take advantage of the expected influx of development.

War correspondent offers insight into chequered life
16 Oct 2014
Kim Gooi shares his tales and experiences as a veteran war photojournalist entrenched in the regional conflict hot-spots of Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia back in the 1970s.

Selfless youths on mission education
16 Oct 2014
While most college students are busy having fun, two young women are juggling class assignments, raising funds and spending their time teaching refugee children.

The kopitiam conundrum
16 Oct 2014
What happens when a local council enforces a limit of five stalls per coffee shop? Focusweek writer Tan Jee Yee envisions a ruling that will upset the natural balance of the universe and end the world

New life for Old Town
16 Oct 2014
The sleepy mining town of Ipoh is undergoing a re-invigoration that keeps its heritage intact while bringing new blood into the scene.

The rebel who became a lawyer
16 Oct 2014
Lawyers for Liberty’s Michelle Yesudas champions human rights, but uses art to reach a wider target audience to spread the message, just like graffiti artist and political activist Banksy.

Closing wage gap to fight corruption
16 Oct 2014
When Perak’s Sultan Nazrin Shah said low wages lead to corruption, he stirred a new discussion on the fight against graft. The root cause of corruption must be unearthed and resolved.

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