Too sweet for our own good
Diabetes takes a crippling toll on health, and can be a huge burden on the nation’s economy.
Mida works to redeem nation’s reputation
National investment authority has new game plan to attract US investors in the era of Trump.
Still rich, but careful
Though the economy may be sluggish, the wealthy are still living it up, but a little less luxuriously.
Cultivating food security
We need to produce more food so that we can reduce our dependence on food imports.
What to expect in ICT this year
Businesses must embrace ICT innovations to stay competitive amid a challenging economic climate.
Great expectations
Employees hoping for a generous bonus this year may be in for a disappointment.
Best practices for a national HR policy
A guideline for HR practitioners can help us keep up with global economic competition.
Stepping up to improve patient care
Malaysians are being encouraged to consult pharmacists for minor ailments such as flu and common colds.
Sounding the alarm on hearing loss
The workplace can actually be a cause of noise-induced hearing loss, and there is a financial cost when a worker suffers from it.
Welcoming the agile workforce
A workforce that is dynamic, that shifts and changes with the times, is more beneficial to the country.
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