The business of staying young
The anti-ageing industry appeals to both the older generation and millennials who want a head start in maintaining their youth.
More clicks for e-commerce
Online retailers are in for another good year as consumers drive up sales by shopping through their smartphones.
Time to change our wasteful ways
Money goes down the drain when we waste food but there are ways to tackle the problem.
Penang icon gets a makeover
New attractions at the top of Komtar are marred by the poor conditions of the shoplots below.
Polishing the pearl to woo tourists
More incentives are needed to keep visitors streaming into Penang.
Diving into virtual reality
VR headsets are poised to be the next big thing in entertainment and interactivity.
Bringing women to the fore
Increasing their participation in the workforce makes economic sense.
Lessons to learn from 2016
The highs and lows of the year provide us with a few key takeaways.
Economists see better times ahead
The economy took a beating last year, thanks to several factors such as the weakening ringgit. However, experts point out that there have been many positive developments as well.
Getting big data right
Everyone’s talking about big data analytics but few truly understand what it entails.
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