Training for a better future
The manufacturing sector offers youths without tertiary education plenty of job opportunities.
Extras essential to entice emigrants
Malaysians who have moved overseas are keen to come home, provided conditions are right.
End of the line for 2G
The legacy phone network still has some years left but its shutdown in future seems inevitable.
Taking the road to medical innovation
Several factors make us a viable country for clinical research.
Powering businesses with chatbots
Thanks to advances in AI, chatbots may change the way businesses interact with their customers.
Rocky road ahead for Asean
In its 50th year, the regional grouping faces numerous challenges to its aim to integrate economically.
Driving digital literacy
Employees need to have more than just math and language skills to succeed in a technology-driven workforce.
The droids are coming for your jobs
Machines have taken over labour-intensive jobs but robots aim to be future doctors and lawyers.
Making it easier to reduce bankruptcy
Changes to the Bankruptcy Act aims to reduce the number of personal insolvency cases.
The business of staying young
The anti-ageing industry appeals to both the older generation and millennials who want a head start in maintaining their youth.
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