Digitising loose change
A start-up is revolutionising the way we save spare change – by turning them into a digital format.
A standout among motorcycles
The bike of the future may not be able to drive itself but it can stand on its own two wheels, literally.
Bedtime stories for adults
Smartphone apps offer a non-prescriptive method to combat sleeplessness.
Bridging the language barrier
The Pilot earpiece brings us a step closer to a universal translator that can help us understand each other.
Meat our future
Scientists are proposing the production of lab-grown meat for consumption to lessen the effect on the environment.
Reducing waste with meal kits
New innovation provides the exact amount of ingredients needed for a meal to minimise food wastage.
Smart luggage for the tech-savvy traveller
Innovations are making luggage more functional than just being a space for our travel essentials.
Overturning the education system
A German school’s unusual approach to learning can give us an idea or two about changing the way we teach children.
Shoot to heal
A new medical ‘weapon’ promises a better and faster way to treat burn wounds.
How architecture can lead to healthier eating
The way a school is designed can have an impact on the students’ physical activity and even their diet.
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