Raising our game
What is standing between Malaysia and the high-income country status we so covet? Our productivity.
The ups and downs of 2016
Global rankings published recently show how well we fare internationally.
Cutting classes
Public universities must get creative in finding ways to increase revenue.
Budget 2017: Winners and losers
Some ministries received larger allocations, while others had theirs cut drastically.
Pulling the strings with greasy palms
Economic crimes like bribery and graft are still rampant in Malaysia.
How secure is our food?
Malaysia has enough food at present but we must ensure that our production and supply chain are stepped up.
Water woes
We have plenty of rain, yet Malaysia continues to struggle with water supply.
Troubling symptoms
Our attitude towards health matters is nothing short of alarming and it’s costing us billions.
Burning through the future
We are exhausting all the resources that nature can replenish and a rapid pace.
Pressing on amidst a grey future
We are en route to becoming an ageing nation. But it doesn’t necessarily point to a shaky future.
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