A day with an ethical hacker
Hackers are bad news in general but Fong Choong Fook is one of the good ones who does this for a living.
Driven by a love for the sweet stuff
Keith Loh sees a niche market in dessert parlours that cater to customers with a sweet tooth.
Logistics of working as a team
Longtime friends Ryan Lei and Francis Soo trade on each other’s strengths to grow their freight business.
Driven to make money
Zyro Wong may be 26 but his youthful ambition has seen him achieve success in several businesses.
Master of many trades
Roen Cian Nagapan’s journey to entrepreneurial success has been one of grit and tenacity in the face of many risks.
A voyage of self-discovery
Former stewardess Aemy Wong found a new career path in a most unlikely place: bereavement care.
Winning with a little luck and lots of laughs
Comics publisher Chris Yew talks about the challenges of building a fan base.
Passion that spans two generations
Despite the advent of smart watches, Juliana Chai believes there is a market for luxury timepieces.
Beating the odds
Restaurateur Navin Karu battled dyslexia to become a successful entrepreneur.
Moving into another medium
For photographer Simon Chin, a career switch to making commercials and movies is a move he doesn’t regret.
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