Lifelong focus on healthcare
Dr Nor Ashikin Mokhtar uses science and medicine to treat age-related disorders.
Career driven by love of science
Prof Dr Cheong Sok Ching finds job fulfilment in a lifelong career in cancer research.
Breaking out of society’s mould
Human rights lawyer Firdaus Husni believes stepping out of your comfort zone is the only way to progress.
Banker with an eye on human behaviour
Datuk Dr Vaseehar Hassan Abdul Razack is not your typical banker who plays golf during his free time.
From jottings to calling
Entrepreneur Jonathan Oh takes random business ideas and turns them into successful ventures.
A day with an ethical hacker
Hackers are bad news in general but Fong Choong Fook is one of the good ones who does this for a living.
Driven by a love for the sweet stuff
Keith Loh sees a niche market in dessert parlours that cater to customers with a sweet tooth.
Logistics of working as a team
Longtime friends Ryan Lei and Francis Soo trade on each other’s strengths to grow their freight business.
Driven to make money
Zyro Wong may be 26 but his youthful ambition has seen him achieve success in several businesses.
Master of many trades
Roen Cian Nagapan’s journey to entrepreneurial success has been one of grit and tenacity in the face of many risks.
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