Telling the Langkawi story
Karina Bahrin discovers fascinating stories of the island folk when she participates in a community initiative.
Tough battle in tackling climate change
Environmental activist Jolene Journe T writes how the upcoming COP21 is crucial to the way the world tackles climate change.
Of snarky words and idiosyncrasies
The Malay slang ‘lepak’ is now part of the Oxford Dictionary’s tome of words. Neo Ming Yi suggests a few more words she believes should be included.
Let Maruah speak
Democracy, it has been noted, is a form of controlling conflict. Democratic systems don’t deny or remove conflict, they just channel it into forms that are manageable.
Anti-intellectualism will make us dumb
We need not look far back in history to see how devastating anti-intellectualism is to a progressive country, which was once home to one of the greatest civilisations in the world.
Sports, the answer to our unity
Let’s instil the spirit of friendship and unity among ourselves through sports, writes Fadzmel Fadzil.
The best outcome from Bersih 4.0
Woon King Chai assesses which party gained the most out of the recent rally: its protesters, the Barisan Nasional-led government or the Prime Minister himself.
Walk the talk for real change
We are still a society fixated on form rather than substance. But if we really want change, we need to dig deeper.
Why Dr M missed the point
Sharaad Kuttan gives his take on the recent Bersih rally and the presence of the former premier at the event.
What freedom means to me
How can we argue for information to be free, when we’re so ready to give up the freedom that we do have?
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