That’s Life
Keeping up the momentum
Cyberjaya is introducing several innovations to help its residents embrace smart living.
Laughter the best business
Stand-up comedy is a branch in the entertainment industry that’s making big bucks.
Made by women for women
Innovative gadgets designed specifically for women are taking the industry by storm.
Changing face of retail
In future, stores will combine the best of online and offline shopping to create a whole new experience when you stock up on groceries.
Love and intimacy in a digital age
In the future, sex may be supplemented or enhanced by technology.
Keeping consumers informed and amused
The future of content marketing lies in videos.
Digitally transforming businesses
Companies considering making the leap early as first adopters of digital transformation are likely to reap more benefits.
A taste of farm life
An increasing number of urbanites are opting to spend their vacations in working farms.
There’s still life in wearables
Smartwatches have failed to gain tractions. But things are not that bleak for the industry.
Empowering women with safe rides
Riding Pink taps into niche market with first women-only transportation platform.
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