Irate ex-PM locks up Bole-Bole PM’s Office
A former premier, tired of having his well-meaning advice go unheeded by the government, decides to wreak havoc by locking up the central building of Bole-Bole’s administration.
Falling into the sky
The smog’s tenacious hold over the environment mirrors the absolute grip that the ruling regime has over the country.
Tit-for-tat smog law passed to combat haze
After years of dealing with the ‘gift’ of haze from Indonesia, the Dewan Rakyat passed the Friendship Smog Act 2015 to return the favour to our neighbour.
Bole-Bole CM gets MC for activist, journalist allergy
The chief minister of Bole-Bole is on medical leave over his allergy to the harsh taunts of activists and probing questions from journalists.
Last stand at Dataran Merdeka
In a post-apocalyptic world, a Baba mercenary remembers the moment the prime minister and his Cabinet made the ultimate sacrifice for the nation.
Investment was to kick-start bovine manure project
Months after public uproar over the financial scandal, the real reason for the money that was deposited into the prime minister’s bank account is finally revealed.
Lobotomy for national harmony
How does one stop citizen dissent from spreading through social media? Various methods of lobotomy may do just that and keep the rakyat mellow and happy.
KL in push to host regatta after GP success
A politician comes up with an ingenious idea to turn the city’s flood-prone streets into a money-spinning event.
The siege of Edgis-Tirith
As citadels across the land succumb to a tide of darkness, a ragtag army gathers to ride in support of Edgis-Tirith.
The Toddy gambit
A novice techie activates his country’s digital defence systems to protect his fellow citizens’ sensitive minds from possibly prejudicial online information.
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